Giving the Gift of Inspiration

“A person only learns what his heart desires.”  (Talmud Bavli Avodah Zara 19a)

The heart of a Yeshiva Elementary School student is instilled with a deep desire for learning. Visitors to Yeshiva Elementary School are impressed by the enthusiasm and love for Torah that is displayed by students of all ages. If you, as a donor, want to support Torah living, giving to Yeshiva Elementary School is a strong investment for the future. By supporting YES you ensure a future generation of inspired Torah living.

As in most private and yeshiva day schools, tuition payments alone cannot cover the cost of a student’s education. Therefore, we rely on your generous financial support. We invite parents and grandparents of our current students, as well as our alumni and the community at large to invest in Yeshiva Elementary School. Please partner with us.

Your Gift Can Help

­—Enrich our academic programs/curriculums

—Maintain our campus

—Help provide additional need-based scholarships

Opportunities to Give

—Annual YES Dinner

—Annual Chinese Auction

—Sponsor a Day of Learning: Click Here

—Mishloach Manos

—Additional Dedication Opportunities

If you would like more information regarding any particular project or sponsorship opportunity, feel free to contact: 

Rabbi Chaim Friedman at 305-720-4761/ [email protected] or
Mrs.Wendy Tokayer at 786-262-6438/ [email protected] .

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